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Quick update since it's been over a month.

I moved out of the house in MD and am moved into an apartment in Arlington, VA until some point in June at which point the roommate will be preparing to move to London for a year and I will be in need of a new place. Hopefully as close to Metro as this one is.

I have a job in childcare. This is okay at the moment. Especially since I'm working with Erinn.

I am in Austin for the moment for SXSW. Which means that at the moment - I have no money problems, tax problems, career problems or any other problems. I just saw Yeasayer and Simian Mobile Disco and will be spending a day w/ kickass DC bands and then (hopefully) getting into the Playboy party with Justice and MGMT with Rachael and all is right with the world for a few more days. This is overwhelming and exciting and amazing.
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