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Look out honey cause I'm using technology [entries|friends|calendar]
Allergic to Love

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[26 Jul 2009|04:18am]
[ mood | sick ]

One of the comedians that I was sad to have missed at Bonnaroo this year was Aziz Ansari. The Human Giant sketches and pre-Human Giant College Humor sketches are pretty brilliant. However, looking at youtube clips of his stand-up, I'm not that impressed. Although this one line that came at the end of a sketch at Bonnaroo is pretty brilliant: "Could you imagine blowing a guy for half an hour for sold out concert tickets and then find out they're selling them at the door? That'd be like blowing a guy for half an hour for sold out concert tickets and then finding out they're selling them at the door. There's no other way to complete that analogy because that's the shittiest thing that could ever happen to you."


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[17 Jul 2009|07:57am]
[ mood | awake ]

All rejections should go that easily. Maybe they do and I've just been so scared of them that after the rejection in mass amounts I received about ten years ago, I never tried much.

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Summer concerts [19 Jun 2009|09:54pm]
6/1 - Grizzly Bear @ 9:30 Club done
6/4 - Gogol Bordello/Man Man @ Sonar done
6/5 - PJ Harvey & John Parrish @ Warner Theater and A Place to Bury Strangers @ RnR Hotel done both
6/7 - The Hold Steady @ 9:30 Club done
6/8 - Ted Leo & The Pharmacists @ Ottobar done
6/11-6/14 - Bonnaroo SO GOOD
6/15 - Holy Fuck @ Drunken Unicorn done
6/16 - Pretty & Nice/Emperor X @ Big Bear Cafe done
6/20 - Frodus @ Black Cat no go
6/21 - Camera Obscura @ 9:30 Club done
6/22 - Pash @ Fort Reno done
6/24 - Patrick Wolf @ Rock and Roll Hotel no go
6/25 - Telepathe & Lemonade @ Rock and Roll Hotel no go
6/26 - Imperial China/Caverns @ The Lab All Ages done
6/27 - Enon/S PRCSS @ Comet Ping Pong done
6/28 - Batala/Small Doses @ Fort Reno done
7/1 - Guggenheim Grotto @ Jammin Java no go
7/2 - Caverns @ Fort Reno done
7/5 - Jay Reatard @ Black Cat done
*7/6 - Sonic Youth @ 9:30 Club done
7/7 - Deleted Scenes @ Velvet Lounge done
7/8 - Japandroids @ DC9 done
7/9 - Imperial China @ Fort Reno and Hume/Bird Names @ Crab's Claw done
7/10 - Handsome Furs @ Black Cat or The Dance Party @ 9:30 Club no go
7/11 - Ponytail, Videohippos, DD/MM/YY, Nuclear Power Pants, Bird Names @ Whartscape done
7/13 - The Dead Weather @ 9:30 Club nope
7/14 - Abe Vigoda @ DC9 nope
7/15 - Paper Route/SPSD @ DC9 or Young Mammals @ Velvet Lounge or Wreckless Eric @ Black Cat nope
7/16 - Grand Duchy @ Black Cat or The Spinto Band @ Sonar or Laughing Man @ Fort Reno none of the above
7/17 - King Sunny Ade @ 9:30 Club no
7/18 - Siren @ Coney Island done
7/19 - Dirty Projectors @ Williamsburg Waterfront done
7/20 - Magnolia Electric Co. @ Black Cat or Pete Yorn/Zee Avi @ 9:30 Club or Meredith Bragg @ Fort Reno none of the above
7/23 - Caverns/Hammer No More the Fingers @ Velvet Lounge done
7/24 - Carol Bui/Impossible Hair @ Comet Ping Pong done
7/25 - Extra Golden @ Black Cat
7/26 - Crystal Stilts/Ladybug Transistor @ Black Cat
7/28 - Destroyer @ Black Cat
7/30 - My Bloody Valentine @ The National
7/31 - Imperial China/Caverns/Cannot Be Stopped/Laughing Man @ DC Mini Gallery
8/3 - Mogwai @ 9:30 Club
8/5 - Los Campesinos @ 9:30 Club
8/8 - Fiery Furnaces @ Black Cat
8/10 - NOMO @ DC9
8/11 - Akron/Family @ Rock and Roll Hotel
8/15 - Bat for Lashes @ 9:30 Club
8/16 - Woods @ DC9
8/19 - Ninjasonik @ DC9
8/21 - The Breeders @ Black Cat
8/22 - The Points @ DC9
8/26 - Free Energy @ Black Cat
8/27 - Deleted Scenes @ Black Cat or Cale Parks/Lemonade @ Comet Ping Pong
8/28 - FFFever, Laughing Man & NRCOF @ Comet Ping Pong
8/29 - The Tennis System/Imperial China @ Comet Ping Pong
8/30 - Virgin Fest @ Merriweather Post Pavilion

9/16 - Matt & Kim @ Black Cat
9/19 - Busdriver @ DC9
9/27 - School of Seven Bells @ Rock and Roll Hotel
9/30 - Pains of Being Pure at Heart @ Black Cat
10/9 - The Dodos @ Rock and Roll Hotel
10/10 - The Dodos @ Sonar
10/13 - Monotonix @ Rock and Roll Hotel
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[16 May 2009|07:18pm]
[ mood | sore ]

I definitely feel like there's something productive that I could be doing right now. I'm driving to NC tomorrow. I could be packing. I could be cleaning up the room, because I don't see the floor right now or cleaning up the car because I'll be using it for large parts of the day tomorrow. I could be finding a bookstore to buy a GRE Prep Book. Or doing some more research on the doctors' offices I should have already been calling. Or writing an album review that I know I meant to submit earlier to a new place to write for.

But I just had a four hour nap in the middle of a beautiful day and I'm still pretty sore. I think just lying here listening to this new Dirty Projectors album and sending an email or two might be enough. ;)

So, there ya go, I'll email Lynne, Brian, Jay and someone at the GMU grad program I like before I leave the house in an hour and a half.

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[20 Jan 2009|06:42pm]
1/2 - Gogol Bordello @ 9:30 Club done
1/3 - Gogol Bordello @ 9:30 Club done
1/7 - Imperial China/Title Tracks @ Black Cat done
1/9 - Face Accidents/Box Elder @ Velvet Lounge done
1/10 - Olivia Mancini & The Terrible Two/Tereu Tereu @ Black Cat done
1/15 - U.S. Royalty @ Black Cat done
1/17 - Songs For Presidents @ Sixth & I Synagogue done
1/22 - Elf Power @ Black Cat nope
1/23 - Hoots & Hellmouth @ Black Cat nope
1/30 - Aural States Fest @ Sonar done
1/31 - Lykke Li @ Sixth & I Synagogue no go
2/3 - Passion Pit @ Black Cat done
2/4 - Brookville @ Black Cat no go
2/6 - Caverns/Deleted Scenes/Hammer No More the Fingers @ Rock and Roll Hotel done
2/8 - Cat Power @ 9:30 Club or The Submarines @ Black Cat no go
2/9 - The Pains of Being Pure At Heart @ Black Cat done
2/19 - Fujiya & Miyagi/School of Seven Bells @ 9:30 Club done
2/20 - Olivia Mancini & The Terrible Two/Meredith Bragg @ Black Cat or Screen Vinyl Image @ Velvet Lounge no go
2/21 - The Dance Party @ Rock and Roll Hotel no go
2/23 - Mos Def @ 9:30 Club nope
2/25 - Carol Bui @ Rock and Roll Hotel done
2/26 - The Moderate @ Iota done
2/27 - Tapes n Tapes/Wild Light/The Subjects @ Rock and Roll Hotel nope
2/28 - Jukebox the Ghost @ DC9 Anniversary or Deleted Scenes @ Velvet Lounge nope
3/1 - Plants & Animals @ DC9 nope
3/2 - Gil Mantera's Party Dream @ DC9 done
3/3 - Lucinda Williams @ 9:30 Club or Illinois @ DC9 or Pwrful Pwr @ Velvet Lounge nope
3/4 - The Whigs/Dead Confederate @ Black Cat or Pattern Is Movement/So Many Dynamos @ DC9 nope
3/5 - The Black Lips/Gentleman Jesse & His Men @ Black Cat done
3/7 - Five Four/Caverns @ Velvet Lounge nope
3/9 - Vandaveer @ Black Cat nope
3/10 - Jukebox the Ghost @ The Ottobar or Food For Animals @ Velvet Lounge nope
3/11 - The Coathangers @ Rock and Roll Hotel done
3/12 - Hoots & Hellmouth @ Rock and Roll Hotel nope
3/13 - The Deathset @ The Ottobar or Velodrome f/ Imperial China @ Velvet Lounge no go
3/14 - The Pains of Being Pure At Heart @ Talking Head no go
3/15 - Crystal Stilts/Women @ DC9 nope
3/16 - The Pogues @ 9:30 Club I lost my fucking ticket
3/17-3/21 - SXSW AMAZING
3/23 - Cut Copy @ 9:30 Club I lost that fucking ticket too
*3/24 - Friendly Fires @ Black Cat done
3/26 - Glasvegas/Ida Maria @ Black Cat or Efterklang @ DC9 no
3/27 - Primal Scream @ 9:30 Club done
3/28 - Deleted Scenes @ Black Cat done
3/31 - Japanther @ DC9 done
4/1 - Exit Clov/Black & White Jacksons @ Black Cat done
4/3 - Protect-U @ Comet Ping Pong done
4/4 - Taxlo Party f/Mstrkrft @ Sonar or Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti/Vivian Girls @ The Ottobar nope
4/7 - Pash/Title Tracks @ Black Cat nope
*4/8 - Neko Case @ 9:30 Club done
4/9 - Neko Case/Will Sheff @ 9:30 Club done
*4/11 - Beirut @ Sixth & I Synagogue done
4/14 - Appleseed Cast @ DC9 done
4/16 - Deleted Scenes @ Rock and Roll Hotel done
4/17 - Thao & The Get Down Stay Down @ Black Cat or Lily Allen @ 9:30 Club neither
4/19 - The Flaming Lips @ The National Mall done
4/21 - The Jet Age @ DC9 nope
4/23 - Ponytail @ DC9 done
4/25 - Kurt Vile @ Velvet Lounge done
4/26 - Julie Doiron @ DC9 nope
4/28 - Psychedelic Horseshit @ Velvet Lounge done
4/29 - King Khan & The Shrines @ 9:30 Club done
4/30 - The Twilight Sad @ Rock and Roll Hotel nope
5/1 - Cut Off Your Hands/US Royalty/Cannot Be Stopped I 100% forgot - yipe!
5/2 - Peter Bjorn & John @ 9:30 Club or Vetiver/Papercuts @ Iota nope
5/3 - Cursive/Man Man @ Black Cat no go
5/5 - Junior Boys/Max Tundra @ Black Cat done
5/7 - Peelander-Z @ Red and Black no go
*5/8 - Frodus/SPSD/Caverns @ Sonar done
*5/9 - Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings @ 9:30 Club done
5/10 - Animal Collective @ Ottobar OMG THAT HAPPENED!
*5/11 - Animal Collective @ 9:30 Club done
5/12 - The Damned @ Black Cat or Mastodon @ 9:30 Club nope
5/13 - The Thermals @ Black Cat done
5/15 - The Shins @ Rams Head Live no
5/16 - Middle Distance Runner @ Rock and Roll Hotel done
5/17 - Dan Deacon @ 9:30 Club no go
5/19 - Tereu Tereu @ DC9 done
5/21 - Prabir & the Substitutes @ DC9 and Deleted Scenes @ Black Cat both
5/22 - St. Vincent @ Black Cat and SPSD @ Velvet Lounge both
5/23 - Jukebox the Ghost/Jenny Owen Youngs @ Rock and Roll Hotel done
*5/24 - The National @ 9:30 Club
5/25 - Mobius Strip @ Black Cat
5/27 - Holy Fuck @ Rock and Roll Hotel
5/29 - Impossible Hair @ Rock and Roll Hotel
5/30 - Isis @ Black Cat or Au Revoir Simone/The Antlers @ Rock and Roll Hotel
5/31 - Santigold @ Sonar
*6/1 - Grizzly Bear @ 9:30 Club
6/2 - White Rabbits @ Rock and Roll Hotel
6/4 - Gogol Bordello @ Sonar or Love Is All @ Black Cat
6/5 - X at 9:30 Club or A Place to Bury Strangers @ RnR Hotel
*6/7 - The Hold Steady @ 9:30 Club
*6/8 - Ted Leo/RX @ The Ottobar
6/9 - TV on the Radio/Dirty Projectors @ 9:30 Club or Passion Pit/Harlem Shakes @ Black Cat
*6/11-14 - Bonnaroo
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[20 Jan 2009|06:37pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I went to the inauguration and watched history being made from a jumbotron on the National Mall. The energy in that place was fantastic, despite the cold temperatures. I'm very very very sore at the moment from having walked roughly seven miles and withstood cold for 10 straight hours but I'm about to go out to the Artists' Ball. I wish I could call in exhausted to work tomorrow. Happy Obama Day, everyone! I'd give you a more detailed rap up but man, not right now.

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[16 Jan 2009|01:35am]
I think most of you know that I interned for Paste Magazine two years ago (my god, it's been that long) for about 5 months and that it was the fantastic job experience that I wished didn't have to end. I have quite the soft spot for the place, the staff, the writing, the mission, pretty much everything. So of course, when something or someone one likes that much fucks up and when they fuck up regarding something one likes with similar intensity, one tends to take it a little harder. This is how you end up with things like the 0.0 review of Travistan.

I saw in the Paste email that there was a review of the new Animal Collective album which I have been listening to all but nonstop for the past two weeks. The Paste review of Merriweather Post Pavilion rivals the Pitchfork Le Loup review and for Worst Review I've Read From A Major Outlet. I don't count much of the drivel that comes out of Brightest Young Things.

It's not even so much that I disagree with him as that he completely missed the boat. He's talking about not understanding the lyrical content of "My Girls" - which is actually incredibly straightforward. Animal Collective has a penchant for stringing together lyrics that make no sense or else are inaudible through the other layers of sound, but "My Girls" doesn't employ any of those techniques. It really sounded like this review (and this was a full on review, not just a three sentence blurb) was written by someone (and it's no one I've heard of) who only has a passing knowledge of the band and pretty much wrote the review based more on what he read than what he listened to. A handful of the songs might make people dance, but calling it a dance album is selling the album's purpose short. Paste is not a publication like Pitchfork where people glance at the score and that's the end of it. People actually pay a lot of attention to the content which makes it sort of embarrassing that they let content this ignorant run. The fact that the writer refers to Avey Tare as a "she" one point is just the tip of the iceberg.

Read what I'm ranting about here and let me know if I'm being unreasonable. Or vindictive for wanting to put my own review up on DCist.

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Top albums of 2008 [30 Dec 2008|12:26am]
[ mood | tired ]

These are my top 15 albums of the year. All of this will end up on The Yellow Stereo soon - maybe tomorrow. But here it all is now for ya. And a quick list of the top 5 from last year that I wish I had known about last year.

15) Sun Kil Moon - April: Placating a rather attractive member of the opposite sex is a terrible, horrible reason to listen to an album. Except of course, when they happen to be right. Even though I've previously been bored to tears by Mark Kozelek's output, I went into this album with a "fine, for YOUR sake" attitude and actually came out of it finding this subtly captivating album that I listened to long after aforementioned man vanished into thin air.

14) Vampire Weekend - S/T: I can see you sneering from behind that shiny LED screen of yours and yeah, I kind of agree with you. They remind me of preppy frat-tastic guys who went to my college and on occasion their lyrical content triggers my upchuck reflex with its thinly veiled elitism. That said, the rhythm section is tighter than a hipster's pair of jeans and the songs are pretty catchy. As often as I've listened to this album, I can't omit it in good conscience.

13) These New Puritans - Beat Pyramid: Loud, aggressive, dance-ready, quick British post-punk? Yes please, k thanks, bye.

12) Why? - Alopecia: I have an old cLOUDDEAD album that I don't listen to a whole lot, but despite my love of experimental noise, I was actually relieved to find that Why?'s solo effort was more straightforward rhyming and less noise. Why? is brilliantly understated, which may be the reason why this album fell between the cracks on a lot of year end lists and nearly got left off of mine.

11) Wye Oak - If Children...: This falls under another Deerhunter-esque exception to the rule. I actually prefer the album to the live show. The stark, bare vocals work so well with the swirling arrangements on record and that's not terribly easy to reproduce live which is why I saw Wye Oak three times before actually picking up the disc. It became clear after the first listen that I shouldn't have waited so long.

10) Sic Alps - U.S. EZ: On paper, Times New Viking and No Age should be right up my alley, but try as I might...I can't really take more than two or three songs at a time by either band. Sic Alps on the other hand takes those same elements of lo-fi recording, no wave sensibilities and a noisy punk aesthetic and actually put out a record that was challenging but not so abrasive that I felt the need to hit the "next" button repeatedly.

9) Fleet Foxes - S/T: I'm under the distinct impression that a lot of people put Fleet Foxes in their top albums solely on the strength of "White Winter Hymnal" which might just be the most haunting track of the year. But basically, this plays like a Shins album, if the Shins listened to more CSNY with only a smattering of The Beach Boys and a few more harrowing tracks. I didn't listen to it as much as any of the albums listened above (or even as much as any of my Shins collection), but I understand why everyone caught the Fleet Foxes bug this year...even if I didn't catch it to the same extent.

8) Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours: New wave was never really my thing but when I first saw Cut Copy make the entirety of The Black Cat jump (not an easy feat in DC), I knew I had to check out the album. After getting over that initial aversion of hearing yet ANOTHER band that sounds like they're aping Depeche Mode, I started putting tracks on repeat and dancing. Okay, Cut Copy, you win.

7) Lykke Li - Youth Novels: She's a twenty-two year old firecracker with a soft side who can't decide whether she wants to kick her man to the curb with her spiky heeled boot or timidly admit her affection. The best part about this display of her range of emotion is that she also shows a range of stylistic influences from dance floor jams to '50s girl group harmonies. Maybe on the next album we'll hear her break out some raps.

6) Pattern Is Movement - All Together: For the past couple of years, Pattern Is Movement has been one of those bands that I always respected but never listened to. All Together changed that. Although I have a soft spot in my heart for raucous dissonant guitar work, the happy atmospherics seem to suit them better.

5) Wolf Parade - At Mount Zoomer: There's always been an inherent darkness about Wolf Parade, even when they played bouncy tracks like "Grounds for Divorce" and "Disco Sheets." Here they bring out that darkness in force, as if Apologies to the Queen Mary was meant to start a long night of drinking with At Mount Zoomer to be played afterwards as the raucous drunks start to get more tired, more bitter and more introspective.

4) Jukebox the Ghost - Live and Let Ghosts: I've been singing the praises of Jukebox the Ghost for the past year and with good reason. It takes skill to sing tunes about the devil, the apocalypse and spontaneous combustion with such a sly, lighthearted wink. Their pop actually seems to serve a purpose.

3) Deerhunter - Microcastle: Deerhunter breaks the rule of bands that made it onto my Best of '07 list that continued to release material in '08. Not only are they actually on my list again this year, they've moved up. Initially, I missed some of the angst that made tracks like "Cryptograms" so engaging. However, the woozy, spaced-out pop that makes for a stronger album as a whole seems a more than fair trade for the noise-ridden angst that only made for a few incredible standout tracks.

2) The Mae Shi - Hlllyh: Some bands can put out a good album and others can put on a fantastically memorable live show but the two do not always coexist (see: Monotonix.) However, the Mae Shi not only have one of these spastic, audience-engaging live shows filled with tarps and sing-a-longs...but they have an album of frightfully joyful tunes that are as much fun to listen to outside of the dark smoke-filled rooms.

1) The Dodos - Visiter: This one wasn't even close and I honestly can't believe that most of the year end lists of more prominent publications either relegated this one to some unforgiving number or left it off entirely. I can speak to so many things on this album that utterly wowed me: the skillful fingerpicking, the drumbeats as hooks, the fantastic storytelling, etc. But in the end, the composition of memorable song after memorable song has ensured that I will be listening to this album as heavily in the years to come as I did this year.

Top 5 albums that I loved in 2008 that were actually released in 2007:

5) Battles - Mirrored
4) Caribou - Andorra
3) Georgie James - Places
2) White Rabbits - Fort Nightly
1) Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam

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Define awkward: [19 Sep 2008|09:06am]
[ mood | sick ]

My computer is near death so I'm borrowing my sister's old computer. I went to look up a word document that I'm using for a piece I'm writing for DCist and I find all these saved AIM conversations involving the breakup with her ex-boyfriend. The only serious serious ex-boyfriend. I feel like I just walked in on someone who just got out of the shower. Yeach. I already have two ear infections and a sinus infection...that's painful enough, thank you.

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[13 Aug 2008|12:22pm]
8/2 - Fever/US Royalty @ Dahlak done
8/4 - Exit Clov/Cobra Collective @ Fort Reno done
8/5 - Tapes n Tapes/Beanstalk Library @ 8x10 done
8/6 - 2 Skinnee J's @ 9:30 Club done
8/7 - The Face Accidents/The Sammies @ The Black Cat done
8/8 - All Points West @ Liberty State Park done
8/9 - 2 Skinnee J's @ Irving Plaza done
8/10 - Virgin Mobile Fest @ Pimlico Raceway done
8/11 - Jukebox the Ghost/These United States @ Fort Reno done
8/12 - River City Rebels @ Blondeshells done
8/13 - Vivian Girls @ DC9 done
8/14 - Thao & The Get Down Stay Down @ Black Cat no go
8/16 - Titus Andronicus @ The Red & The Black done
8/17 - Bodies of Water/Port O'Brien @ Black Cat fuck, I missed that?
8/19 - Oh No! Oh My! @ DC9 nope
8/23 - Oneida/Apes @ Black Cat no
8/26 - Bombadil @ The Red & The Black no
*8/27 - Caverns/True Womanhood/Imperial China @ Black Cat done
8/30 - Tereu Tereu & Red Racer @ The Red & The Black or Andy Zipf @ Black Cat no go
*8/31 - Pash @ Iota done
*9/3 - My Morning Jacket @ DAR Constitution Hall done
9/4 - Erin McKeown @ Iota nope
9/5 - Does It Offend You, Yeah? @ DC9 no
*9/6 - The Dance Party/Gist/US Royalty @ Black Cat done
*9/10 - Silver Jews/Monotonix @ Black Cat done
9/11 - Thank You @ DC9 or The Ettes/The Face Accidents @ Black Cat no go
9/15 - Peelander-Z @ Black Cat nope
9/16 - Miracle Fortress/Title Tracks/Meredith Bragg @ Black Cat done
9/17 - Basia Bulat @ DC9 or Mogwai/Fuck Buttons @ 9:30 Club too sick
9/18 - HORSE the Band/So Many Dynamos @ Rock and Roll Hotel too sick
9/19 - Ungdomskulen @ The Red & The Black or Sunset Rubdown @ Black Cat too sick
9/21 - Benjy Ferree/Le Loup @ Iota too sick
9/22 - Dandy Warhols @ 9:30 Club no
9/23 - The Points @ Black Cat done
9/24 - These Are Powers/Apes/Pwrful Power @ Civilian Art Projects no go
*9/25 - Oxford Collapse/Takka Takka @ Black Cat done
*9/26 - The Black Kids @ Black Cat done
*9/28 - The Dodos/Au/Wye Oak @ Sonar done
*9/30 - Stereolab w/ Atlas Sound done
10/1 - Pinback @ Black Cat no go
10/2 - Ratatat @ Black Cat done
10/3 - Glasvegas @ Rock and Roll Hotel done
10/4 - Jukebox the Ghost @ Black Cat done
10/5 - Ratatat @ Sonar no go
*10/6 - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds @ 9:30 Club done
*10/7 - The Residents @ 9:30 Club done
*10/8 - Ted Leo & The Pharmacists/Against Me! @ Black Cat done
10/9 - Of Montreal @ 9:30 Club done
*10/10 - Shudder to Think w/ Pattern Is Movement @ 9:30 Club and Middle Distance Runner @ Iota done and done
10/11 - *Girl Talk @ Sonar done
10/12 - Ra Ra Riot @ The Black Cat nope
10/15 - The Notwist @ 9:30 Club no go
*10/16 - Monotonix/Imperial China @ DC9 done
10/17 - The Cassettes @ Black Cat nope
10/18 - Cold War Kids @ 9:30 Club or US Royalty @ Rock and Roll Hotel asleep
10/19 - Lykke Li @ Black Cat done
10/21 - Aggrolites @ Black Cat or Ben Kweller @ Rock and Roll Hotel nope
10/22 - A Place to Bury Strangers @ 9:30 Club done
10/23 - The Rosebuds @ Black Cat oops - completely forgot about that one
10/24 - Born Ruffians/Plants and Animals @ Rock and Roll Hotel oops
10/25 - The Ruby Suns & A Place to Bury Strangers @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
Look Me Up Buttercup @ The Cake Shop
The Continental Divide @ Piano's
Lemonade & Pattern Is Movement @ Pattern Is Movement
hooray CMJ!
*10/26 - The Magnetic Fields @ Lisner Auditorium done
10/27 - Crystal Antlers @ Black Cat done
10/29 - Portugal The Man & Wintersleep @ Rock and Roll Hotel no go
10/30 - Sleeping in the Aviary @ Velvet Lounge no, darn
11/1 - Murs @ Rock and Roll Hotel no
11/3 - Illinois @ Rock and Roll Hotel nope
*11/4 - Deerhunter/Times New Viking @ Black Cat done
*11/6 - The Mountain Goats/Kaki King @ 9:30 Club done
11/10 - Exit Clov @ Black Cat done
11/11 - Mates of State @ Black Cat nope
*11/12 - Diplo, No Age, Abe Vigoda @ Black Cat done
11/13 - M83 @ Black Cat or The Homosexuals @ Velvet Lounge or Calexico @ 9:30 Club no go
11/14 - The Spinto Band @ Black Cat done
11/15 - The Dance Party @ Rock and Roll Hotel done
11/18 - Eagles of Death Metal @ 9:30 Club done
12/10 - The Points @ Velvet Lounge done
12/11 - Jukebox the Ghost @ Talking Head done
*12/12 - Ted Leo @ G-Spot done
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[12 Jul 2008|01:49am]
[ mood | busy ]

My day has been:

Go to work at 7:40am...I was ten minutes late.
Work an hour of overtime until 5:30pm...chasing toddlers.
Get home around 6pm. Veg out in front of the computer for a bit so that I don't die.
Get to Apple at about 7:10pm...also ten minutes late.
Get out of Apple at 12:30am after having to pretty much be Mickey Mouse for five hours. I will explain this at another time when I'm not exhausted. It was really fun being there for a product launch and DAMN was it crazy.

I also fucking hurt right now. Goodnight.

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This summer's concert schedule [23 May 2008|11:48pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Because I have a preoccupation with lists and will frequently come to this post to keep myself centered.

6/3 - *Jeremy Enigk/Damien Jurado @ Jammin Java done
6/5 - *White Rabbits @ Black Cat done
6/6 - The Cool Kids @ Ottobar or The Pietasters @ Rock and Roll Hotel or Hackensaw Boys/Cotton Jones Basket Ride @ Black Cat nope
6/7 - M83 @ Black Cat or The Presets @ Rock and Roll Hotel nope
6/8 - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers @ Nissan Pavilion or The Cool Kids @ Rock and Roll Hotel or Denison Witmer @ DC9 nope
6/9 - Mudhoney @ Rock and Roll Hotel or Death Cab For Cutie/Rogue Wave @ Merriweather Post no go
6/11 - De Novo Dahl/Pash/Fever @ Rock and Roll Hotel done
6/12 - Jamie Lidell @ 9:30 Club or Statehood @ Black Cat no go
6/13 - Robert Plant & Alison Krauss @ Merriweather Post or Alicia Keys @ Verizon Center no go
6/14 - *Battles @ 9:30 Club done
6/15 - Tullycraft @ Red and the Black done
6/16 - Pree @ Iota done
6/17 - Sloan @ Black Cat done
6/18 - Dan Deacon/Team Robespierre/Monotonix/Matt & Kim @ Black Cat done
6/19 - Annuals @ Iota no go
6/20 - The Avett Brothers @ The Birchmere no go
6/21 - Parachute Musical/Via Audio @ Rock and Roll Hotel or Grupo Fantasma/Bio Ritmo @ Black Cat nope
6/22 - *Pearl Jam w/Ted Leo & The Pharmacists @ Verizon Center done
6/24 - The Cassettes @ Black Cat
6/25 - Times New Viking/Titus Andronicus/True Womanhood @ Rock and Roll Hotel no go
6/27 - Ladytron @ 9:30 Club or Burning Brides @ Black Cat nope
6/28 - Thievery Corporation/Seu Jorge/TV on the Radio/Ladytron @ Merriweather Post or Datarock @ Rock and Roll Hotel or Mission of Burma @ Black Cat no go
6/29 - Delta Spirit @ DC9 done
6/30 - Harry and the Potters @ Black Cat or Oxford Collapse/Frightened Rabbit/Takka Takka @ Black Cat or Russian Circles @ Ottobar no go
Sometime in June - Olivia & The Housemates @ Fort Reno done
7/2 - The Black Angels @ Rock and Roll Hotel nope
7/5 - Gist @ Iota
7/7 - Fleet Foxes @ Black Cat done
7/8 - Boris @ Black Cat done
7/9 - Fever @ Dahlak done
7/10 - Elf Power @ Rock and Roll Hotel no
7/13 - Jay Reatard @ Sonar no
strike>7/16 - Mewithoutyou @ Ottobar </strike> no
7/17 - Jukebox the Ghost @ Ottobar done
7/18-20 - Pitchfork Festival done
7/22 - The Mae Shi @ Velvet Lounge done
7/24 - Statehood/Imperial China @ Fort Reno done
7/25 - Spiritualized @ 9:30 Club
7/26 - Tilly & the Wall @ Black Cat
7/27 - Rock the Bells f/ A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Mos Def @ Merriweather Post
7/29 - RX Bandits & Portugal The Man @ Ottobar or Old 97's @ 9:30 Club
8/1 - Bon Iver/Bowerbirds @ Black Cat
8/2 - We Are Scientists @ Black Cat
8/9 - 2 Skinnee J's @ Irving Plaza
8/10 - Virgin Mobile Fest @ Pimlico Race Track
8/11 - Rancid @ 9:30 Club or Grizzly Bear @ Sixth & I Synagogue
8/16 - The Faint @ 9:30 Club
8/25 - Xiu Xiu @ Sonar
9/3 - My Morning Jacket @ DAR Constitution Hall
9/4 - Erin McKeown @ Iota
10/6 - Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds @ 9:30 Club
10/8 - Hot Chip @ 9:30 Club

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[07 May 2008|07:27pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Working with kids' parents is the combination of the utter frustration of having to convince one set of parents that really - you do like your kid - but we have to report his bad behavior mixed with the shock and awe that another set just gave you a card for Teacher Appreciation Week with a $20 inside.

Frustration is also loving to do two things that directly conflict with each other. In my case - writing and sleeping. Can't sleep if I'm writing and I can't write if I'm sleeping. Catch 22s are fun.

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Someone Still Loves You Travis Morrison [04 May 2008|11:00pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

I am wearing this Travis Morrison Hellfighters t-shirt with pride, baby. They've significantly improved since September and then an inebriated Morrison comes on during Jukebox the Ghost's encore and sings the lead on a cover of "Spanish Bombs" by the Clash which isn't just one of my favorite songs on one of my favorite albums of all time...but one of my favorite songs of all time, period. Cue me completely losing my shit. I also met Travis Morrison for the second time. Nothing as interesting as last time though. That pretty much put that show over the top as one of my favorites of the year. Granted it helped that Jukebox the Ghost were in a comfort zone and were clearly having loads of fun and not really trying to impress anyone whatsoever. Jukebox the Ghost, I also love. Although not quite as much as their "creepy uncle," Travis Morrison. < / fangirl >

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[22 Apr 2008|12:36am]
[ mood | hopeful ]

My intention was to spend Saturday night at a show with some local bands. As for how I actually spent Saturday night? Well...this is the email I sent to one of the band's singers:

9pm: I leave the apartment building with a friend. I moved into this apartment building right before SXSW and I *think* I remember how to make to RnR Hotel.
9:08pm: Wrong turn #1. Continue looking for an exit that doesn't exist but that's okay as I'm pretty sure I made this mistake last time I tried to go to RnR Hotel.
9:17pm: I reach the spot where I'm sure I made the wrong decision on the last way-too-long drive. I make a turn which turns out to be wrong turn #2.
9:25pm: I'm pretty sure I'm in Maryland now - but that's okay! I used to live in Silver Spring and actually know how to get to RnR Hotel from Maryland, and all it takes is a trip down the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, which is a few minutes away and takes ten minutes.
9:35pm: I turn onto the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and start driving.
9:37pm: I come to the startling realization that the Baltimore-Washington Parkway is more of a Parking Lot than a Parkway. Desperately search for some sort of flashing yellow or red and blue lights.
9:57pm: I'm about halfway through Live and Let Ghosts...which I started right before turning onto the parkway have now crawled along for 20 minutes at 5mph. I'm pretty sure that I've missed the Beanstalk Library at this point but figure I can still get there for you guys, right?
10:16pm: I see a sign that says that there's roadwork ahead and to proceed with caution. 5mph is apparently not cautious enough? We wonder aloud how cautious these people are who are using the shoulder as their own personal lane because clearly, they are that much more important than the rest of us. Douchebags.
10:20pm: The red sea parts to let an ambulance through. I can't help but wonder if aforementioned douchebags ran into someone on the shoulder who actually broke down and needed to be there. I never got confirmation of that. I see blue flashing lights ahead.
10:25pm: I realize that the blue flashing lights ahead have completely blocked off the B-W parkway and are forcing us off into an area where, unlike the previous hour and a half, I actually truly have no idea where I am.
10:30pm: Gas station dude is completely unhelpful. We attempt to use our sense of direction to find an entrance farther south.
10:32pm: We find one...and a police car is blocking it off.
10:40pm: We find another one! Hallelujah!
10:45pm: Unfortunately we have completely overshot the actual exit that we need to get off and have now returned to the area of wrong turn #2.
10:47pm: So, let's forget highways and just use roads, right? Additional wrong turns ensue.
11:08pm: I had been on a street in Northeast two seconds ago...how am I back on the highway?
11:10pm: It occurs to me that by the time I even make it to RnR Hotel...you guys will probably be done. My brain no longer works and I give up.
11:30pm: Make it back to apartment building and resign myself to ice cream, Bailey's and SNL rerun. Vampire Weekend is the musical guest. Ezra Koenig is nice eye candy but when it comes to rocking out, Ezra Koenig < Aaron Leeder. Just sayin.

Live and Let Ghosts is an album by another local DC band, Jukebox the Ghost, who all of us know and love. Aaron Leeder is the guitarist for her band, Exit Clov. He is a beast. Ezra Koenig is not a beast. And as Erinn pointed out...he (and Chris Baio who is a truly nice person) are awkward dancers onstage. On account of Chris Baio being a truly nice person - he is forgiven for being an awkward dancer. The lesson from all this is that I should actually set up the GPS that I got as a Christmas present. Yeah.

On Sunday I also pulled a muscle in a pretty unfortunate spot. I told my sister via text message and she started laughing in the middle of a crowded library. Oops. Hope everyone's doing well and sorry for not checking this recently.

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[13 Mar 2008|12:18am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Quick update since it's been over a month.

I moved out of the house in MD and am moved into an apartment in Arlington, VA until some point in June at which point the roommate will be preparing to move to London for a year and I will be in need of a new place. Hopefully as close to Metro as this one is.

I have a job in childcare. This is okay at the moment. Especially since I'm working with Erinn.

I am in Austin for the moment for SXSW. Which means that at the moment - I have no money problems, tax problems, career problems or any other problems. I just saw Yeasayer and Simian Mobile Disco and will be spending a day w/ kickass DC bands and then (hopefully) getting into the Playboy party with Justice and MGMT with Rachael and all is right with the world for a few more days. This is overwhelming and exciting and amazing.

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Here's to another goddamn new year [02 Jan 2008|10:39pm]
First things first...Happy Birthday, Iain!

Secondly...I'm not usually one to make New Year's Resolutions - usually because anytime is a good time to make mini-life alterations and why place the false constraints of A DATE to do that?  Of course this year - the timing is actually perfect.  I need to get my shit together so here's kind of a to-do list (aside from getting stuff straightened out with the car accident which is kind of necessary - not so resolution-ish) that kind of goes under the overarching "Get my shit together." 

* The first "resolution" of sorts has actually kind of been thrust upon me what with the advent of not having a car - and that's to get out on my bike more.  Since that's the most reliable and cheapest way for me to get to work - so I'll actually get exercise.
* Clean the room.  I can't promise that it won't look like shit later - but it needs to get completely organized for the time being.  And I think that's something that I can do tomorrow. 
* I found the files on my computer that I thought I'd lost!  Music, pictures, word docs - it's all there!  So as I re-enter the music into my Itunes...I'm going to actually listen to everything.  As in I'm not gonna enter in something new until I've listened to what I've just put in.  Right now I seem to be wanting to listen to some of the weirder stuff in my collection.  I was all about Animal Collective and Battles tonight.  <i>Strawberry Jam</i> is actually a pretty good album.  Which is cool since I think that <i>Here Comes The Indian</i> is unlistenable shit. 
* GET ANOTHER JOB.  I'm going to be averaging out one application per day.  Because this has to happen. 
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[30 Dec 2007|12:00am]
To be fair, I don't know if I'm going to have the means to get to any of the Baltimore shows right now since the status of my car is unclear, but I figure it's time to make another one of these.

1/4 - Telograph @ The Black Cat no go
1/13 - The War/Tim Be Told @ Jammin' Java done
1/15 - Editors w/ Hot Hot Heat & Louis XIV @ 9:30 Club done
1/16 - Blonde Redhead @ 9:30 Club or Yeasayer w/MGMT @ The Black Catneither, dammit
1/17 - Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings @ The Black Cat done!
1/18 - The Mars Volta @ Ram's Head no go
1/20 - The Queers @ Ottobar no go
1/23 - Kimya Dawson @ Crooked Beat done
1/24 - *The Walkmen/White Rabbits @ Ottobar done
1/25 - *The Von Bondies @ Jammin Java done
1/26 - *Jukebox the Ghost w/Pash & Bellman Barker @ The Black Cat done
1/27 - Super Furry Animals w/ Fiery Furnaces & Holy Fuck @ 9:30 Club or *Max Levine Ensemble @ Black Cat OR Common @ Lyric Opera House OR Lupe Fiasco @ Sonar broke the streak - ack - no
1/28 - *Middle Distance Runner @ Jammin' Java done
1/30 - Lupe Fiasco @ 9:30 Club no go
1/31 - *Nina Nastasia @ The Black Cat
2/2 - OkGo @ 9:30 Club or A Sunny Day in Glasgow @ The Velvet Lounge neither
2/6 - Vampire Weekend @ Rock and Roll Hotel done
2/8 - Mute Math/Alanis Morrissette/Matchbox Twenty @ Patriot Center done
2/12 - *Liars w/ No Age @ 9:30 Club done
2/15 - Hoots & Hellmouth @ Jammin' Java no go
2/19 - *Black Mountain/Bon Iver @ Rock and Roll Hotel done
2/21 - Atlas Sound @ The Black Cat or Evangelicals/Headlights @ Iota no go
2/22 - Jason Isbell @ 9:30 Club or Travis Morrison Hellfighters @ The Black Cat no go
2/23 - Daniel Johnston @ The Black Cat done
2/24 - Bowerbirds, Deleted Scenes and Kitty Hawk @ The Black Cat no go
2/26 - *St. Vincent @ Rock and Roll Hotel yes
2/27 - Keren Ann w/ Dean & Britta @ The Black Cat or Wilco @ 9:30 Club nope
2/28 - Beach House/Papercuts @ G-Spot or Statehood @ Black Cat nope
2/29 - Apes CD Release @ Black Cat no...moving
3/1 - Dengue Fever & Exit Clov @ The Black Cat or Flogging Molly @ Ram's Head still moving...no
3/2 - Kate Voegele @ Jammin' Java or Edie Sedgwick/The Points @ The Black Cat man...I suck this year
3/3 - Bill Kirchen/Eddie Angel/Mark Gamsjamer @ Jammin' Java yes
3/4 - Man Man @ Ottobar nope
3/5 - Jose Gonzalez/Mia Doi Todd @ Sixth & I Synagogue done
3/6 - The Coathangers @ The Red & The Black nope
3/7 - Sia @ 9:30 Club nope...DCist Exposed
3/8 - The Hives/The Donnas @ 9:30 Club or Man Man @ 40 Watt no go
3/9 - The Walkmen/Vampire Weekend @ The EARL done
3/10 - Sia and Har Mar Superstar @ Variety Playhouse done
3/11-3/16 - SXSW holy shit
3/18 - Tilly and The Wall @ Rock and Roll Hotel no go
3/19 - *Stars @ Sonar done
3/21 - Le Loup/Ruby Suns @ The Black Cat done
3/22 - The Mountain Goats/The Moaners @ Black Cat or Acid Mothers Temple @ Ottobar nope
3/23 - Terrordactyls @ some house party in Fredericksburg done
3/24 - Make a Rising @ Velvet Lounge done
3/25 - Fleet Foxes/Blitzen Trapper @ The Black Cat or Die! Die! Die! @ DC9 no go...oops</strike>
3/27 - Delta Spirit/Port O'Brien @ DC9 done
3/28 - Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks @ 9:30 Club or The Raveonettes @ Ottobar no go
3/29 - *Ghostland Observatory @ 9:30 Club done
3/30 - Fuck Buttons @ Rock and Roll Hotel or The Dodos @ DC9 both
4/1 - People in Planes @ Jammin Java no go
4/2 - Jens Lekman @ The Black Cat no go
4/3 - Robbers on High Street @ Rock and Roll Hotel done
4/4 - *Les Savy Fav/The Big Sleep/The Dodos @ Black Cat done
4/5 - *Georgie James @ Black Cat done
4/6 - Aloha/Anathallo/Roofwalkers @ Rock and Roll Hotel no go
4/7 - The Dirty Projectors @ The Black Cat done
4/9 - Murder by Death/O'Death @ Black Cat or Minus the Bear @ Recher Theater nope
4/10 - Yeasayer/Ponytail @ Black Cat done
4/11 - *Spoon with The Walkmen & White Rabbits done
4/12 - Casiotone for the Painfully Alone/These United States @ The Talking Head done
4/13 - These United States/Wye Oak @ Black Cat done
4/14 - The New Pornographers/Okkervil River @ 9:30 Club no go
4/15 - The New Pornographers/Okkervil River @ 9:30 Club done
4/16 - Dead Meadow @ The Black Cat nope
4/17 - Autechre @ Black Cat or Tally Hall @ DC9 night off
4/19 - The Forms/Exit Clov/Beanstalk Library/Cloud Cult @ Rock and Roll Hotel no but not for lack of trying
4/21 - Constantines @ Rock and Roll Hotel nah
4/22 - Peelander-Z @ Black Cat done
4/23 - *Foals @ Rock n Roll Hotel done
4/24 - Muhsinah and The Motel Project @ DC9
4/25 - Destroyer @ Black Cat or Telograph @ Rock and Roll Hotel nope
4/26 - Jay Reatard @ Black Cat no go
4/27 - The Spinto Band @ Sonar nope
4/28 - Bellflur @ Iota done
4/29 - Tokyo Police Club/Smoosh @ Black Cat done
4/30 - Mt. Pleasant Benefit show @ La Casa done
5/1 - The Face Accidents/Pinche Gringo @ Velvet Lounge done
5/2 - The Kills @ Black Cat no go
5/3 - Jukebox the Ghost & Travis Morrison Hellfighters @ The Black Cat omg yes!
5/5 - Dead End Dropouts @ Jammin' Java terrible
5/7 - The Teenagers/Team Robespierre @ Black Cat done
5/8 - British Sea Power/The Rosebuds @ Black Cat or El-P @ 9:30 Club no go
5/9 - Enter the Haggis @ Jammin' Java done
5/10 - Kanye West/Lupe Fiasco/N.E.R.D./Rihanna @ Nissan Pavilion no go
5/11 - *Radiohead @ Nissan Pavilion done
5/12 - *The Black Keys @ 9:30 Club done
5/13 - *Snowden/Colour Revolt/Bellflur @ Rock and Roll Hotel done
5/15 - *Black Kids/Cut Copy @ Black Cat done
5/16 - Wye Oak/Pattern Is Movement @ Metro Gallery done
5/17 - The Long Blondes @ Rock and Roll Hotel or Black Kids/Cut Copy @ Sonar no go
5/19 - Pela @ Rock and Roll Hotel done
5/20 - *Laura Veirs/Liam Finn @ Jammin Java done
5/21 - *X & The Detroit Cobras @ 9:30 Club and U.S. Royalty @ DC9 done and done
5/22 - Islands @ Black Cat done
5/23 - A Silver Mt. Zion @ Black Cat
5/24 - *The Dance Party @ Jammin Java or KRS-One @ Black Cat or Black Moth Super Rainbow @ Rock and Roll Hotel
5/27 - Raconteurs/Black Lips @ 9:30 Club
5/28 - Clinic @ Black Cat or Raconteurs/Black Lips @ 9:30 Club
5/31 - Exit Clov/Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears @ Black Cat
6/1 - Raconteurs/Black Lips @ Terminal 5
6/5 - White Rabbits @ Black Cat
6/7 - M83 @ Black Cat
6/8 - Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers @ Nissan Pavilion
6/9 - Mudhoney @ Rock and Roll Hotel
6/11 - R.E.M./Modest Mouse/The National @ Merriweather Post or The Breeders @ 9:30 Club
6/14 - *Battles @ 9:30 Club
6/20 - The Avett Brothers @ The Birchmere
6/22 - Pearl Jam w/Ted Leo & The Pharmacists @ Verizon Center
6/27 - Ladytron @ 9:30 Club
6/29 - King Khan & the Shrines @ Rock and Roll Hotel
6/30 - Harry and the Potters @ Black Cat
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[25 Nov 2007|04:26am]
[ mood | jumpy ]

I was trying to fall asleep and was having quite a bit of trouble doing so. Shortness of breath, raised heart rate, etc. Two cups of chamomile tea and one heart to heart about bizarre family dynamics later...I've finally calmed down and have stopped ranting about The Bears.

I'm not really sure WHAT exactly had been causing the generalized anxiety. Not Da Bears. But somehow that's what I started ranting about. About how I don't find Sexy Rexy's turnovers, interceptions and fumbles to be the least bit of a turn-on, etc. etc. Some day I'll have to type up the whole spiel but for now...I really need to sleep. And not think about things like Rex's QB rating.

I am the paragon of stereotypical femininity, couldn't ya tell?

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[15 Nov 2007|11:29pm]
[ mood | fuck you, insomnia ]

So I've spent the past couple New Years Eves in Philly and Miami. Time for a new city. I could spend it here in the District but I kinda want to either be in Atlanta (where Band of Horses will be) or in New York (where Les Savy Fav will be.) I mean - Les Savy Fav on New Year's - how crazy would that be! Actually DC might be fun for New Year's...but I kinda want to be away from the drama that my housemates will most certainly create for the occasion, I wonder whether Mark and Chris would even stick around here...and maybe I could convince Laura and Luce to go with me to New York! Or something. I don't know. I've been up for too long and now...I can't...fall...asleep.

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