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Here's to another goddamn new year

First things first...Happy Birthday, Iain!

Secondly...I'm not usually one to make New Year's Resolutions - usually because anytime is a good time to make mini-life alterations and why place the false constraints of A DATE to do that?  Of course this year - the timing is actually perfect.  I need to get my shit together so here's kind of a to-do list (aside from getting stuff straightened out with the car accident which is kind of necessary - not so resolution-ish) that kind of goes under the overarching "Get my shit together." 

* The first "resolution" of sorts has actually kind of been thrust upon me what with the advent of not having a car - and that's to get out on my bike more.  Since that's the most reliable and cheapest way for me to get to work - so I'll actually get exercise.
* Clean the room.  I can't promise that it won't look like shit later - but it needs to get completely organized for the time being.  And I think that's something that I can do tomorrow. 
* I found the files on my computer that I thought I'd lost!  Music, pictures, word docs - it's all there!  So as I re-enter the music into my Itunes...I'm going to actually listen to everything.  As in I'm not gonna enter in something new until I've listened to what I've just put in.  Right now I seem to be wanting to listen to some of the weirder stuff in my collection.  I was all about Animal Collective and Battles tonight.  <i>Strawberry Jam</i> is actually a pretty good album.  Which is cool since I think that <i>Here Comes The Indian</i> is unlistenable shit. 
* GET ANOTHER JOB.  I'm going to be averaging out one application per day.  Because this has to happen. 
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